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  • Maam mera to nhi bana

  • But juicing like this gave me a bitter taste

  • You have crushed the seeds as well?

  • Named 🙎

  • Can we use gelatin in place of corn flour

  • The taste was bitter

  • Too good

  • I tried but did not taste well

  • I have tried making this by following your steps and measurements but mine getting to much soft and sticky, that i am not evan able to cut that into pieces..what should i do why it is not like your? And what do i do to make that one fine?

  • Which orange are used sweet or salt plzz rply

  • Did you add some sort of food coloring? Cos my mixture turned out more on the yellower side because of the corn flour

  • This recipe has so many flaws 1) always take the seeds out first before blending otherwise your jelly will be bitter 2) dilute the conflour and then add it in the mixture otherwise it will get lumpy

    • @Dream 3rd is the quantity of conflour, it gets super thick with half cup ,now you will say 3 only 😃

    • Soo many??? Only two right??

  • Will it work?

  • Maine bnaya but it was bitter

  • Will this be jelly like in consistency.. or soft..?

  • Isko ice cream mold may dal k freezer may rakh saktay Ha?

  • I just tried it today mine turn out so bitter I can’t even eat it.Unsubscribed your channel 😏👎👎 U are fooling us for views😾👎

    • Yes u r right my jelly was also bitter

    • It is bcz of the seeds.if u remove the seeds while blending,it will not be bitter.😊

  • Can we add orange juice instead of blending the oranges?

  • 😋😋😋👍👍👍

  • Looks so delicious 😋 I will make thanks for sharing

  • I have tried it but it tastes so powdery and like an orange medicine🤦😐 Try this if u wanna waste oranges🤦🧟

  • Gummy chhahiye tha

  • Nahi bana

  • Wow

  • What is that oil?

  • Can we make the juice with the normal oranges instead of tangerin

  • Can we make the juice with the normal oranges instead of tangerin

  • I just ate lunch and now i am hungry again and i want something sweet

  • This is fake I made it and it was not like that not recommended

  • Beautiful yaar

  • 😘😘😘😍😍😍😚😚

  • You can also make a jelly with raspberry and this looks amazing

  • Tried ur receipe it's damm amazing! But i suggest plz remove the seed n then churn bcoz it taste's a bit sour bcoz some seeds get churn.

  • inplans.info/wine/PLOOEJgUKquB_o8SVHgYIbf10rCVeb0bjE.html..

  • Can we set it in fridge or cool down it out

  • Very nice creative ,🥰

  • Corn flour means rice flour

  • inplans.info/first/esSs0JyM27psfXk/v-iy If you are a real foodie you will love it

  • the time you blend oranges without de-seeding them on that time only you ruined whole thing

  • Maine try keya very bad h

  • Awesome 😍...Can we store it for 3 to 5 days?? Without refrigerator?

    • Yes u can store it... I also love jelly 😍😍😍if you make it plz send me 😛😛😛

    • Kindly reply,i want to make it and send it from kolkata to Gujarat,is it possible? Will it stay intact?

  • For cooling down do we have to keep in fridge or in room temperature

    • @ShraddhaSuman thanks a lot

    • The mixture is hot... And hot stuff should not be kept in refredgirator... So let is come to room temperature and then keep it in the refredgirator for about 1-2 hours Depending on ur refredgirator's temperature ;)

    • ??

  • Can I use agar agar powder instead of corn flour ? If yes then how much .

  • It tastes so bad....I never made this again...

  • Looks like very yummy 👌👌👌👌🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲

  • Hey I'm watching a video of this channel for first time .... Ladies and gentlemen , like my comment or reply to my commet , if it really works .... I'm not doubting this video , just for confirmation I'm asking ....!!!

  • NICE!!

  • Dii after pouring it we will cool it outside or freeze it plz reply I want to make it

    • First let come at room temperature and then put in the refredgirator

  • I tried using no seed oranges n bitter taste was the result.wasted my oranges sugar corn flour gas plus time n feeling bad as I have followed just the stupid recipe from youtube

    • Yes, juicing the orange the way it is shown will result in bitterness.. you should be using orange juicer..

    • @R and A videos oof :v Kk

    • why u r behind me..i have put comments for everyones sake

    • sorry i dont understand hindi

    • @R and A videos and also... agar itni hi dikkat hai iss channel se toh go watch The Terrace Kitchen... Her recipes are legit

  • Everybody please don't follow this recipe..it turned out bitter n can't even eat it..though I put so much sugar..it turned out horrible.. kindly don't post fake recipe..

    • You should take out the seed

  • Ooo it's very easy

  • It's way too bitter, couldn't have it

    • S. U should decrease some corn flour and increase sugar

    • Same here

  • Do we have to cool it down at room temperature or in the fridge ?

    • @ShraddhaSuman ✌👍

    • First let come at room temperature and then put in the refredgirator

  • Amr jelly ta tita hoece bujlamna know.

  • I tried it but it's taste is bitter, I think because of seeds inside the oranges . please suggest me.

  • 😛😛😛

  • We can try other fruits also in this way....before she upload with other fruits, all buddies u have to try with other fruits.......

  • Acha apu vdo te dekhano plastic cup na nye jodi onno j kono cup use kori tile ki kono prblm ase??? Plz tell me

    • @ShraddhaSuman Ok.. thanks sister to reply me. Though i don't get my answer yet...but It’s not matter, u tried to give me answer... So that again thanks for it🙂

    • @Mazharul Haque I'm not bengali 😅 I'm just assuming that ur asking that can we use steel bowl?? Sure u can use it 🙂

    • @ShraddhaSuman Acha tahole vdo te dekhano oi cup chara ki onno j kono kacher ba steel cup use kora jabe apu?? Janen emon kichu???

    • Don't use plastic cups!! The mixture is hot and it'll melt the cup!! It's not healthy!!

  • U told it's no bake but y did you bake ??

  • I have never seen such a dirty and ugly recipe😡😡😡

  • Can we use any one instead of cornflour. Plzz reply

  • So cool 😊👍❤🍊

  • Seems too be soo delicious.........................yum

  • We have to keep in a fridge or out side

  • Not good!!! I tried,it came out worse!!!

  • Love you for this recipe mam..thank you so much

  • Can you plzzzz plzzzz make mango recipe for me plzz

  • Woah love this recipe 😍

  • 👍🏻

  • Awesome recipe! I like it, thank you. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡👍👍👍😊😊

  • It tastes more good ...If you take out the seeds from orange's....

  • We need to cool it in refrigerator?..please reply me...

    • I am a big fan of you sissy...Thank you for your reply🤩🤩🤩

    • Yes you can

  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • It's looking so good😍😍

  • Why This channel always copy "yummy" channel.

    • :v Copying also takes talent man Try copying once!

    • Yes u r right

  • Can we use ararot instead of cornstarch ???

    • Ararot is only called cornstarch :

  • What to use instead of oranges?

  • I hope you subscribe to my channel

  • Hello my INplans family, I love your looks delicious. Enjoy watching from start to finish. Thank you for sharing.keep our youtube bond stronger, and visited each other. Have a great

  • I love orange🧡

  • This is Bombay halwa with fruit juice great thinking nice try thanks for your creativity.

  • I tried it yesterday, didn't turn out good.. it tasted bad cz i followed thm, guyzz they're using that seed of the orange.. and blending it in mixer it tastes bad only cz of tht, also the quantity and colour deoends upon the orange u take, i got the almost correct texture us shownn...

    • sherly saji you're right I also tried it but it tasted the worst

    • Amro aki obostha.

    • guys actually citrus fruits should not cook

    • Seedless orange bhi aata hai...May be her was seedless

  • This looks amazing

  • Thanks for this recipe..gonna try it🤩🤩🤩

  • Very Tasty !!! i want to try this right now *so much love to you mam* i will definitely try this

  • In this dish you have to remove seeds or it will taste bitter ,I just tried it

  • Yummy

  • Other then sugar for coat. Anyone can recement?

    • @Nausin descicated coconut is already dry lol

    • U can use dessicated dry coconut 🥥

  • Blue velvet cake recipe pls🥰💞

  • Honestly this turned out worst.I suggest not to try this recipe,it's not at all tasty.some recipes are made just for views and we try by seeing the thumbnail

    • @R and A videos u r corect

    • Fake recipe..she's fooling everyone..it turned out bitter for me

    • S u r corect

    • @Nandini ponna the same thing exactly happened to me

    • @G B okay you try it without the seeds and let me know the taste and it's not about the bitterness but it has a very bad smell too.so, I suggest to not at all prepare it with or without seeds.thank you

  • Ohhhhh nice easy peese

  • But sugar is dangerous!

  • Cool recipe!

  • Corn flour nahi hai mere paas

  • If we want to make mango jelly can we repeat the same ?

  • U n yummy Chanel put always same type of recipes ru guys are friends but whatever ur top of the yummy Chanel ur recipes r my favorite

  • So tasty!!❤

  • What to use instead of corn flour???? Can you suggest??

  • Thanks 👍😍✌️

  • This looks amazing